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Ideal For Architects, Designers, and Developers That Build on a Large Scale


Premium Rock is a Revolutionary Engineered Stone of Superior Quality.

Our products exceed residential and commercial safety standards – and look better than the real thing. Premium Rock is defining a new standard in engineered stone manufacturing as well as luxury architecture and design. Our first-of-its-kind manufacturing process produces lightweight, highly durable, fire-resistant, waterproof, and UV-resistant engineered stone panels by implementing a cold-embed process to produce elegant, seamless images.
  • Indistinguishable from Natural Stone

  • Mimic any Material and Texture

  • Seamlessly Change Rough Mortar to Smooth Tile



Unlike the competition, Premium Rock goes beyond two-dimensionality with products that feature realistic, three-dimensional textures to fit the image by utilizing a state-of-the-art, patent-pending, Photo-Genetics Technology, cold-embedding the image to the substrate.
  • Limitless Possibilities

  • Scalable to Any Size

  • Seamless Design



Our patent-pending, proprietary image-embed process brings Premium Rock panels to life. The design possibilities are limitless—and without going over budget. Premium Rock is scalable to the size of any project, from hotels to apartment buildings, to stadiums and airports. Premium Rock’s beautifully textured, seamless design allows architects and designers to set their imaginations ablaze.
  • Lightweight One-Piece Panels

  • Delivered Cut-to-Spec

  • Trim to Fit With Standard Tile Tools


Ease of Installation

Traditional shower tiling can take hours to install, spreading mortar, carefully aligning tiles. Once in place, it takes another day for the mortar to set and dry. Premium Rock delivers panels that are custom manufactured to your specifications. All panels are cut-to-size in the shop and delivered to you ready for direct installation. When unexpected obstacles occur, panels can be cut on-site with a standard-quality, diamond blade or common tile blade.
  • Custom Patterns

  • Full Sheet Tile

  • Embed Your Logo


The Difference

Need to embed your business logo? Your corporate mission statement? Premium Rock supports multiple custom patterns and designs. It is the most design-friendly, easy-to-install stone material on the market. Installing traditional tile patterns is labor intensive – especially over a large area. We can create full-size sheets of Spanish tile band, stone design, marble or Calcutta, and woodgrain texture like no other manufacturer for example.