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Premium Rock P36 Lightweight Panels: A Sustainable Solution for Durable and Easy-to-Repair Construction in Hospitals


Project Location:                     Midwest, USA

General Contractor/Client:     Requested Anonymity


In this case study, we will explore how implementing Premium Rock P36 lightweight panels addressed multiple challenges a construction project faces in a hospital setting. The project encountered delays due to overseas material issues and required durable and easily repairable materials that matched the existing design concept. Additionally, the panels needed to meet the strict cleanliness requirements of a hospital environment. The success of the P36 panels during installation, their environmental friendliness, and compliance with hospital standards led to future adoption plans.


A construction project in a hospital environment faced significant setbacks due to material delays. The incumbent project material was stuck overseas, causing delays in construction progress. The project team sought alternative construction materials to overcome these challenges and meet the client’s requirements.


Challenges and Objectives:

The construction project had the following challenges and objectives:

  1. Incumbent project material delayed overseas.
  2. Need for durability.
  3. Requirement for easy repairability.
  4. Matching the design concept of the existing structure.
  5. Off-site construction needs, where lightweight panels were advantageous.
  6. Meeting budget limitations.

Solution – Premium Rock Lightweight Panels


To address the project’s challenges and objectives, the project team incorporated Premium Rock P36 lightweight panels into the construction process. The panels offered the following benefits:

Durability: P36 lightweight panels are known for their exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding environments such as hospitals.

Easy Repair: The PR panels are designed for easy repairability, minimizing downtime and associated costs. This feature is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted operations in a hospital setting.

Design Concept Matching: The PR panels are available in a range of designs, textures, and finishes that seamlessly match the existing design concept of the hospital, contributing to visual consistency.

Off-Site Construction Advantage: The lightweight nature of PR panels provides advantages in off-site construction, including ease of transportation, reduced installation time, and improved project efficiency.

Cost-Effectiveness: The PR panels offer a cost-effective solution, meeting budget constraints without compromising quality or durability.


Results and Benefits

The implementation of the P36 lightweight panels yielded the following results and benefits:

Compliance with Hospital Standards: The Premium Rock panels met the strict cleanliness requirements of the hospital environment, ensuring a hygienic and safe space for patients and staff. The panels are seamlessly integrated into the hospital setting.

Environmental Friendliness: Premium Rock panels are environmentally friendly as they utilize a water-based finishing system, eliminating the use of VOCs and solvents. This contributes to a healthier indoor environment and aligns with sustainable construction practices.

Future Adoption: The general contractor was highly satisfied with the performance of the P36 panels. As a result, they decided to incorporate Premium Rock panels in all future hospital bathroom projects and an upcoming hotel project. This decision demonstrates the contractor’s confidence in the Premium Rock panels’ durability, easy repairability, and cost-effectiveness.



Implementing Premium Rock P36 lightweight panels successfully addressed the challenges faced by the construction project in the hospital environment. The panels provided durability, easy repairability, design concept matching, and off-site construction advantages. They also met the strict cleanliness requirements of the hospital and were environmentally friendly. The general contractor’s satisfaction with the Premium Rock panels resulted in plans for future adoption in various currently underway projects. This case study highlights Premium Rock lightweight panels’ versatility, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness as an ideal solution for durable and easily repairable hospital construction.